Sworly offers users a great way to create a huge YouTube-powered music library. If the song is on YouTube, Sworly will find it for you. (via Sworly: Pinterest for Audiophiles)

Now this interests me. I’m sorry, Pinterest by itself does not attract me. Mainly because I get a lot of my microblogging needs from Tumblr. I’m just not looking for another social network even remotely similar to that right now. Now I get how other people are into it, but for me, not at this time.

Sworly, however, this seems to serve a very specific, niche interest. I’m gonna check it out.


Of Course There’s Porn on Pinterest

If you look closely, among the shopping and fashion pins, Pinterest has lots and lots of porn — it is an Internet site, after all. BuzzFeed’s John Herman brought our attention to this pornification of Pinterest, with its cheeky nod to the type of porn the type of social network like Pinterest has attracted: Infinite Porns of Pinterest, which presents a list of 33 types of not-so-naked porn found on the newish social network: Food Porn, Word Porn, Robert Downey Jr. Porn, etc.  ”To a person with a Pinterest account, everything looks like porn,” Herman writes. (Pinterest users play into their stereotypes, get it!)  But, there’s also the other kind of porn, on there. The kind that doesn’t match the middle-America shopping girl image we have of Pinterest users. 

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My Bohemian Home 

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Anyone on Pinterest? We’re giving away a signed copy of Imagine: How Creativity Works, by Jonah Lehrer, our author of the week.

“Shattering the myth of muses, higher powers, even creative ‘types,’ Jonah Lehrer demonstrates that creativity is not a single ‘gift’ possessed by the lucky few. It’s a variety of distinct thought processes that we can all learn to use more effectively. Lehrer reveals the importance of embracing the rut, thinking like a child, and daydreaming productively, then he takes us out of our own heads to show how we can make our neighborhoods more vibrant, our companies more productive, and our schools more effective.”

To enter, pin an image that gets your creative juices flowing, and share it with us. Here, some instructions


Every Pinterest Board Post Ever

Save yourself from waiting for the coveted Pinterest invite. Here are pretty much the only 10 posts you’ll ever see.


My Bohemian Aesthetic 
Source: Pinterest.com


My Bohemian Aesthetic 

Source: Pinterest.com


Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on an update to our Terms. When we first launched Pinterest, we used a standard set of Terms. We think that the updated Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy are easier to understand and better reflect the direction our…

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I love Pinterest for organizing all kinds of information. I think it could be a great tool for visual learners!

Thanks to world-shaker:

There are some really cool ideas in here (I’ve included two below), but don’t forget about the copyright concerns with Pinterest!

Current Events
Several large news and information sites, including the Wall Street Journal and National Geographic, are members of Pinterest, and have active boards. Simply by choosing to follow them, you can keep your class easily up to date on the most recent breaking stories and finds. These stories can then be used to prompt further classroom discussions or debates, and even lead in to larger projects.
If you are teaching higher level courses, such as those for college students, you can post Pins and have students comment below to create an online discussion board.

Project Ideas
If your students are struggling with project ideas, Pinterest is a great place to go. Create a board on Pinterest exclusively for classroom projects with several Pins of different project ideas. Your students will be able to actually see previous projects, and get a better understanding of what you are looking for and what they can do to create a successful project.

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Every Pinterest Board Post Ever

Save yourself from waiting for the coveted Pinterest invite. Here are pretty much the only 10 posts you’ll ever see.

This is hilarious because it’s the truth.


I think if a guy had said this, there would probably be a big Internet throw-down. (If it’s true, however, I’m severely disappointed that my “Make the Observer Pink to Attract More Female Readers” hasn’t changed the ratio of male/female subscribers, which is still fairly dude-heavy.)

But I also think Pinterest’s success has more to do with early adoption by a certain cross section of Middle America that’s part of the online scrapbooking community because it’s more about collecting images/things (scrapbooking, in a way) than creating prose, but allows for community interaction in a more obvious and easy to use way than most photo services. Function over form.  Maybe aesthetics help, but I don’t think they’re the primary driver. Nor should we assume that making something pink and feminine will make it appeal to women.